About the Author

My name is Prateek Singh , I’m 26 years old Techie by profession and Creator by Vocation.

Why creator? because, I find myself capable of converting my thoughts into things. Furthermore, I’ve always had this subtle impulse to discover and create (re-create) myself which has seeded an immense affinity towards Self-Learning through reading books, people, and my own life.

Reading and observing is mentally stimulating, which bends my mind and challenges my assumptions, so I pen down my thoughts in black & white, to give them clarity, (re)validation, Structure which can be referred back.

 “Maybe this is why we read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know.”  

~ Alberto Manguel, A Reading Diary

Purpose (The Why?) to all my writing here would be primarily centered to bring perspective and clarity to thoughts of people who land here; If not, then at least me. A place where I can be myself, Imagine, have an opinion or a thought without any apprehension and with a hope that it may leave a worthwhile dent on someone’s line of thinking some day.

“Until you become yourself, what benefit can you be to others.”

~Harold Bloom

Thank you so much for your valuable time! 🙂


Following are some notes of appreciation ( Pure ❤) from people who read content I create & share here