Windows might take 5,000 years to Install without the Compiler

Installing Windows might take 5,000 years without the compiler

A remarkable innovation which made modern computing possible. This compelling story has at its heart a pioneering woman called Grace Hopper who – along the way – single-handedly invented the idea of open source software too.

The compiler evolved into COBOL – one of the first computer languages – and led to the distinction between hardware and software

~ Courtesy Doug Finke‘s Facebook post.


Fail like a 2 year old

Since the beginning we are taught not to fail at things but eventually we will at something or another, and when we get our faces smashed to dirt after the failing, It’s highly likely we are gonna quit trying. You, me and everyone must have felt as a failure at some stage of life and we understand very well how it feels like.

We are all failures – at least the best of us are.”

~ J.M. Barrie

Let’s take a pause here… and think about a 2 year old who is learning to walk, he stands and falls, tries again ..falls, gains strength to get up and falls again; Sometimes he even gets hurt, but I have never seen a 2 year old that quits trying to walk and says – that’s enough, I won’t walk ever! Even after initial failures there isn’t a moment of self doubt in child’s expressions, when he makes another step figuring out how he would walk.

Maybe Children brains at that age are not yet programmed to self doubt, criticism and feeling miserable, which are outcomes of socially inflicted standards and expectation fed to their brains at later stage of life, that’s why the child keep taking the next step and the next one, because all that matters is just standing up move one leg a time and reach out to that cookie mom is holding which would give him immense Joy, and keep repeating until walking becomes normal.

It’s OK not to get straight A’s in score card, it’s OK not to graduate from Ivy league or any fancy college, It’s OK to not have hundred likes on social media or a million Follower on twitter or a 6 figure salary at present.

But what’s not OK is not trying it one more time, and one more..

I missed more than 9000 shots and lost around 300 games,
26 times I was trusted to take the winning shot and I missed, 
I failed over and over and Over again..
“That’s why I’m successful.” 

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something.
But I can’t accept not trying.

~ Michael Jordan

Failure is part of Process in succeeding at anything in your life there is no doubt about that; Trust the process. Keep reminding yourself in difficult times that failure is inevitable! 🙂 and once again let’s be as mettlesome as 2 year old of us when we were learning to take first steps and didn’t considered falling – as a failure and kept going.

Walking which was so difficult then, is normal as breathing today ; this is beauty of Failures and not quitting. So what do you want?

You want Not to Fail?
Or You want Not to Succeed !