Book of life

Isn’t our Life is like a well-read book….. ?

…..with each turning page, one side of book gets thicker and heavy with memories from Good-Ugly chapters; some engaging and thought stimulating pages that were read more than once; and few which were meant to be skipped……

……while, on the other side… a leaner stack of unturned pages still holding unexplored avenues, unresolved mysteries and unwrapped bundle of wonderful possibilities.

Simple Observations: The best swing in the world

Distracted by a childish giggle my eyes followed the source. I see a female playing with her child under the shade of a tree, next to a huge pile of Coarse sand; looks like she is a construction worker assisting her husband with his work.

She had built a swing using some ropes, on a low hanging branch of the tree;  and the child was holding the swing ropes tightly with his small muddy hands very happily.

The women pulled the swing towards her body and released it to gain some momentum and child laughed and giggled harder.

She returns to her husband who is preparing a concrete mixture with the shovel and they looked at each other with gleaming smiles, like in one of those proud parent moments;  absorbing happiness of their child on a not so fancy but, the best swing in the world!