Has Science gone too far?

I read on the internet today, that scientists after some experimentation were successfully able to inject human stem cells in pig embryo to develop a Human-Pig hybrid and experiment was closed after 28 days of embryo development before it can develop into a piglet.

The experiment was looked with a lot of skepticism, hatred and disturbing to the human psyche and most of the comments/statements were like –


Being a huge fan of Science and Technology my opinion may look biased and different compared to others, but I have a strong belief that advancement in science and technology is not taking us towards to the doomsday or in any way challenging the existence of the god or the affairs of Nature.

But it may seed doubt in your mind – Is science going too far?

In my opinion Science is already too far, while I’m typing the rough draft of this article on a 5” capacitive touchscreen that works on the principle that human body or more specifically tip of your finger’s skin hold electrical charge, which makes a keyboard which really doesn’t exist type in a language (English) that humans created and would be later posted on a platform (Facebook, Twitter, Medium, WordPress) which is nothing but a million lines of text (Program) running on a distributed array of machines scattered across the planet and another program called WWW (The Internet) which connects the world and provides an information space, to which any person in the world can hook up through Modulated Radio Frequency waves from a hand-held device or a laptop utilizing the nearby cell tower.

It’s ok if you don’t understand the hidden meaning in the above paragraph, but do you know if it was only God’s wish and no human intervention then,

We were never meant to light up our home hitting a button feet away.
We were never meant to be eating our breakfast out of cereal boxes.
We were never meant to sit in a complex metal machinery and drive a thousand miles sipping aerated drinks and call it a road trip.
We were never meant to fly over the oceans and through the cloud in a high-octane alloy chassis.
We were never meant to live in air-conditioned concrete cubes stacked one over another.
We were never meant to get the purest form of knowledge and wisdom of finest minds in the world by turning pages or just by switching on an electronic device.

We were never meant to have all those things we take for granted and consider standard luxuries of life if it was not about human curiosity and science!

Such experimentation is probably the key to develop organs with humans genes in animals like a pig who have similar thoracic and abdominal organs as humans, which can later be transplanted in human bodies, and I don’t think there is anything wrong or un-natural if we can give limbs to an amputee or a heart to someone who needs it, but yes, you can definitely debate on repercussion on the animals, which is why there is a social skepticism linked to such experiments making it difficult to accept by the society.

I totally understand, that mixing genetics or species touches something deep in human psyche and culture, which is definitely hard to put into words, but there are numerous mentions of existence of hybrid species from the mythologies of every part of the planet, in fact, many natural hybrids from Mule to Ligers exist, If it was God’s wish they wouldn’t have ever cross-bred, but they do exist.

If you say science went too far, how about the idea of injecting dormant or dead microorganisms injected into a healthy human body? Well, we call it Vaccine today, which assists the body to acquire immunity against the same disease it was infected with. Amazing, right? but very unnatural, and definitely un-godly if you want to think in those lines. Bionic arms and legs, pacemakers, bypass surgeries all are unnatural but they keep us alive and we are doing good as a species. Why don’t we question science when using contraceptives, condoms and an idea of family planning, no other species on the face of this earth plan their families! Isn’t this against the God’s will?

You know what is unnatural?  The number of lives saved by the Vaccination and steep drop of the infant mortality rate post discovery of vaccines like polio, hepatitis, malaria, against the God’s wish to waste all these lives. I think Science will never go too far until people know what they are doing and understand the responsibility of the footprints they leave for the future generations.

Scientists will definitely make mistakes; commit blunders, and still the out of curiosity they will seek knowledge and understanding of the unknown and I’m proud to say that – if as a race we never experimented enough, like we have been doing until this date, then highly likely I would be sleeping in a cold dark cave, without any clothes, scared to death and expecting not to be eaten by a wild predator at this time of the day.

Leaving you with this thought…  Signing off…






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