Preparing for a marathon in less than 50 days. Possible?

Just registered myself in a full marathon event on 18 February. Cutting long story shory – I have not run such a long distance race and I’m scared.

Scared enough that even thought of the event makes me uncomfortable. My mind clouded with a dozen of doubts like, if it is even possible to prepare for a 44Km race in such a short duration without getting injured. Usually people train for 12-18 weeks minimum in prepration of a marathon and I only have 6 weeks to the event from today if all goes right.

I want to participate not because of any new year resolution but because recently I have hit level of comfort to things which seemed challenging to me before. I love the comfort zone but most of the good things ever happend to me came from outside the comfort zone. Life has started to become bit slow and needs some shaking-up and a reset.

I like it when I’m driven and waking up in the morning with a reason but recently I have lost this drive and have been just dragging through half of my days. Dull days to be precise.

Then why a marathon? Why not some other challenging task? There are other things on my bucket list, but I find some correlation of dull months/weeks/days with mu physical activity. My good days always have some level of physical activity. Recently I have completed 2 half marathons and both were of moderate difficulty level, I was confident and I delivered.

But a Marathon is a different beast altogether and to tame this one I’d need good run volumes and better and consistent miles per week inorder to get ready for an event which is about 23 miles and only 49 days to prepare for it and I don’t have any training plans as of today, which seeds doubts in my mind.

I don’t know if this is physically possible or not but I know only I can stop myself not showing up at the finish line that day.

Lot of small fears clouding my head but not a single strong reason why I would stop that day before the finish line.

Lets see what I am made of.

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