Take 2 – Bhagavad Gita

Last weekend, I met a very senior professor at a University. He is an old man who gives an impression that he knows his craft well and I totally enjoyed his presence and whatever we discussed.

Sitting in his office, I observed him holding something strange, like a small electronic counter in a hand where you press a button and the number display on screen increments by one, like one of those devices gatekeepers in malls use to keep track of the footfalls in a store.

I eagerly waited for a moment alone and asked –

“Sir, If you don’t mind, what is that thing in your hand?”

He smiled and started explaining to me that it’s an Electronic replacement of JapaMala

Just in case you don’t know – Japa Mala is a string of prayer beads commonly used by HindusBuddhistsJains and some Sikhs for the spiritual practice known in Sanskrit as japa. It is usually for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity.

I was not expecting this answer, from a senior university professor, or it was the Spirituality and God where I get a bit confused and disconnected, hence my second question without waiting –

What is the purpose of all these chanting names of a deity, spirituality, and God?

I also mentioned that recently, I tried to read Bhagavad Gita which is a jewel of Indian spiritual wisdom, which is spoken by Supreme Godhead Lord Shri Krsna himself to his intimate devotee Arjun, the book reveals man’s essential nature and ultimately his relationship with God.

And, being an Existentialist to core and idea of getting controlled by superior power, challenges my beliefs, hurts my ego and distorts my reality.
But, a very natural human tendency starts to kick in, when we are uncomfortable with an idea or thought; What we do? we DISAGREE! 

So I disagreed a big time, and couldn’t read the book any further of page-20, it’s still sitting on my shelf unread.


He was listening to me patiently; smiled again and answered-

Let me tell you a small story about and a teacher and his student…

Teacher to his student – Take this Jute basket,  go to the river and fill it with water and bring it back to me.

Student as instructed went to the river, filled the Jute basket with water and started returning back to his teacher, but the jute basket leaked and could not hold water and it was empty by the time he returned to his teacher.

Teacher – Go and fill the basket again.

Student followed the instruction again… and again, but every time by the time he returned to the teacher the basket was empty. But after many hours of this tedium and meaningless effort the frustrated student, couldn’t resist asking his teacher…

Student – Teacher, I can see no meaning to this task, every time I bring water from the river it leaks and the basket is empty by the time I return to you. All my efforts are wasted! and what is the purpose of this activity after all? We’ve accomplished nothing so far. 

Teacher [Smiling] – Son, You’re wrong. Look closely at the basket, you will understand. Do you see anything?
Student –  I don’t understand, there is no water and basket is still empty.

Teacher – Yes it is empty, but it is many times cleaner now!

After listening to this small story suddenly it started to make some sense to me, maybe, MAYBE

Spirituality,  God and religion don’t add any value to us,
but, it’s purpose is to refine and clarify what we already know.

Grandiose of spirituality is not to fill/add the vessel (our brain) with new ideas, but to clean the existing thoughts and ideas so that a better and more comprehensible meaning can be derived.

I think, maybe we hold our existing beliefs so firmly that there is no space for new ideas to sprout and this is I believe the most important point in education which we as a community and a society are missing and is never taught or emphasized.

My Mistake: Before concluding that the book was not for me; Only if I was able to give space and opportunity to new ideas to form in our minds to evaluate and analyze, before owning or disagreeing under the shadow of our existing ideas and beliefs. Maybe, MAYBE, I could have learned something meaningful.

Aristotle wrote,

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Being able to look at and evaluate different values without necessarily adopting them is the perhaps the central skill required in changing one’s own life in a meaningful way.

Leaving you with this thought, and a promise that I’d be giving Bhagavad Gita and myself a second chance 🙂

Signing off…










Preparing for a marathon in less than 50 days. Possible?

Just registered myself in a full marathon event on 18 February. Cutting long story shory – I have not run such a long distance race and I’m scared.

Scared enough that even thought of the event makes me uncomfortable. My mind clouded with a dozen of doubts like, if it is even possible to prepare for a 44Km race in such a short duration without getting injured. Usually people train for 12-18 weeks minimum in prepration of a marathon and I only have 6 weeks to the event from today if all goes right.

I want to participate not because of any new year resolution but because recently I have hit level of comfort to things which seemed challenging to me before. I love the comfort zone but most of the good things ever happend to me came from outside the comfort zone. Life has started to become bit slow and needs some shaking-up and a reset.

I like it when I’m driven and waking up in the morning with a reason but recently I have lost this drive and have been just dragging through half of my days. Dull days to be precise.

Then why a marathon? Why not some other challenging task? There are other things on my bucket list, but I find some correlation of dull months/weeks/days with mu physical activity. My good days always have some level of physical activity. Recently I have completed 2 half marathons and both were of moderate difficulty level, I was confident and I delivered.

But a Marathon is a different beast altogether and to tame this one I’d need good run volumes and better and consistent miles per week inorder to get ready for an event which is about 23 miles and only 49 days to prepare for it and I don’t have any training plans as of today, which seeds doubts in my mind.

I don’t know if this is physically possible or not but I know only I can stop myself not showing up at the finish line that day.

Lot of small fears clouding my head but not a single strong reason why I would stop that day before the finish line.

Lets see what I am made of.

Has Science gone too far?

I read on the internet today, that scientists after some experimentation were successfully able to inject human stem cells in pig embryo to develop a Human-Pig hybrid and experiment was closed after 28 days of embryo development before it can develop into a piglet.

The experiment was looked with a lot of skepticism, hatred and disturbing to the human psyche and most of the comments/statements were like –


Being a huge fan of Science and Technology my opinion may look biased and different compared to others, but I have a strong belief that advancement in science and technology is not taking us towards to the doomsday or in any way challenging the existence of the god or the affairs of Nature.

But it may seed doubt in your mind – Is science going too far?

In my opinion Science is already too far, while I’m typing the rough draft of this article on a 5” capacitive touchscreen that works on the principle that human body or more specifically tip of your finger’s skin hold electrical charge, which makes a keyboard which really doesn’t exist type in a language (English) that humans created and would be later posted on a platform (Facebook, Twitter, Medium, WordPress) which is nothing but a million lines of text (Program) running on a distributed array of machines scattered across the planet and another program called WWW (The Internet) which connects the world and provides an information space, to which any person in the world can hook up through Modulated Radio Frequency waves from a hand-held device or a laptop utilizing the nearby cell tower.

It’s ok if you don’t understand the hidden meaning in the above paragraph, but do you know if it was only God’s wish and no human intervention then,

We were never meant to light up our home hitting a button feet away.
We were never meant to be eating our breakfast out of cereal boxes.
We were never meant to sit in a complex metal machinery and drive a thousand miles sipping aerated drinks and call it a road trip.
We were never meant to fly over the oceans and through the cloud in a high-octane alloy chassis.
We were never meant to live in air-conditioned concrete cubes stacked one over another.
We were never meant to get the purest form of knowledge and wisdom of finest minds in the world by turning pages or just by switching on an electronic device.

We were never meant to have all those things we take for granted and consider standard luxuries of life if it was not about human curiosity and science!

Such experimentation is probably the key to develop organs with humans genes in animals like a pig who have similar thoracic and abdominal organs as humans, which can later be transplanted in human bodies, and I don’t think there is anything wrong or un-natural if we can give limbs to an amputee or a heart to someone who needs it, but yes, you can definitely debate on repercussion on the animals, which is why there is a social skepticism linked to such experiments making it difficult to accept by the society.

I totally understand, that mixing genetics or species touches something deep in human psyche and culture, which is definitely hard to put into words, but there are numerous mentions of existence of hybrid species from the mythologies of every part of the planet, in fact, many natural hybrids from Mule to Ligers exist, If it was God’s wish they wouldn’t have ever cross-bred, but they do exist.

If you say science went too far, how about the idea of injecting dormant or dead microorganisms injected into a healthy human body? Well, we call it Vaccine today, which assists the body to acquire immunity against the same disease it was infected with. Amazing, right? but very unnatural, and definitely un-godly if you want to think in those lines. Bionic arms and legs, pacemakers, bypass surgeries all are unnatural but they keep us alive and we are doing good as a species. Why don’t we question science when using contraceptives, condoms and an idea of family planning, no other species on the face of this earth plan their families! Isn’t this against the God’s will?

You know what is unnatural?  The number of lives saved by the Vaccination and steep drop of the infant mortality rate post discovery of vaccines like polio, hepatitis, malaria, against the God’s wish to waste all these lives. I think Science will never go too far until people know what they are doing and understand the responsibility of the footprints they leave for the future generations.

Scientists will definitely make mistakes; commit blunders, and still the out of curiosity they will seek knowledge and understanding of the unknown and I’m proud to say that – if as a race we never experimented enough, like we have been doing until this date, then highly likely I would be sleeping in a cold dark cave, without any clothes, scared to death and expecting not to be eaten by a wild predator at this time of the day.

Leaving you with this thought…  Signing off…






Judging the book by its cover 

I want you to more observant and aware next time you are clicking a selfie; how you position your face in a perfect angle to make it look long and pointed instead of flat or round, smartly avoiding double chins and trying to reveal that masculine jawline, and not to forget the filters you apply to improve texture and skin tone.

The point I’m trying to stress upon here is – This is how we are judgmental of our own looks and features, subconsciously we are constantly judging and making the perceptions of our own self-image; constantly rating us Good-Ok-Bad every time we see our reflection in the mirror. Probably that is the reason your brain feeds you with sub conscious decisions to adjust your face at a particular angle to the selfie camera or a specific side of your face.

Do not believe me? Just go to Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media platform and observe how you have been positioning your face for in old selfies, or how your friends do it, you’ll understand what I mean and you’ll see repetitive patterns in their behavior. The origin of this pattern or behavior has deep roots in our subconscious to judge people including ourselves based on looks, followed by perceptions and finally concluding by categorizing attractive or not attractive.

We are designed to Judge,
with an ability of conscious choice to not Judge

Personally, I think there is nothing wrong in judging someone on looks and their appearance, in fact, this judgment, perception and decision making has helped us to live through the rough years of evolution as a species. Specifics we find physically attractive is hard coded in our brains as a part of evolving for millions of years so that we can choose a healthy partner and reproduce healthy offsprings with better genetical structures to pass to the future generations and spiking the chances to survive as a species.

I know I’m attracting hatred by writing this piece, but I have been giving a lot of thought to this and now I have a strong belief we are biologically designed to judge humans and other species and make a perception about them, either for reproduction or mere survival. Luckily we are also equipped with a superior logical ability to think, re-think and come to a conclusion that may deviate from our biological guidance system, which is good and fair enough! and that’s what makes Homo-sapiens different.

In spite of being conditioned at a social and inter-personal level, with hatred upon judging someone’s physical appearance, there are high chances you’ll be attracted to a person with sharp facial features or proportionate body measurements, primarily because – this is how we are designed and studies prove that subconsciously we tend to choose healthy genetics hidden behind attractive features. Just to clear, attractive neither mean chiseled abdominal muscles, huge biceps; nor it means to disgrace anyone on basis of skin color, nationality, and race. All I mean is a healthy individual who maintains his/her personal hygiene and the definition changes from person to person.

Fat/huge may be a norm for polar bears so that they can survive harsh weather conditions with accumulated fat during the hibernation and they may be a better prospect to mate for survival compared to a weak and skinny bear who has high chances to not survive the winters; but we are not polar bears and accumulating lot of body fat, looking lazy or overstressed is not a sign of healthy habits, and good genetics to be passed to future generations, which makes not so good prospect for reproduction, may be that is why our brain sub consciously process more than dozen (or hundreds) of such parameters to judge a person as attractive or less attractive.

In males, Strong Jawline is a sign of masculinity and higher testosterone levels, while in contrast to this female sex hormone estrogen prevents the growth of facial bone, which male find attractive. Scientists believe that finding someone attractive is more than just facial clues – large eyes, small nose, large lips and so on – to check that their prospective mate has high “fitness” and can efficiently pass their genes to the next generation. A study, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences is the first to demonstrate that facial appearance is linked to their well-being because of hormonal impacts on a person’s reproductive health and fertility. While biologically designed Judgment and guidance on basis of physical appearances has not only kept us safe from scary looking animals with hostile body language and sharp teeth, but it has also helped us survive as a species by passing a better genetics to the future generation, while many other species who co-lived on this planet during years of evolution are extinct now.

Apart from biology, we are bombarded with information and clues every day in form of perfect looking Instagram models, bodybuilders, costly clothes, accessories and shiny cars from advertisements to social media, which have also adulterated how we choose a partner in this century. The brain is conditioned and sadly expectations are huge and far away from just passing healthy genes; in fact, just another strategy by fitness industry and corporations to propagate consumerism which is successful to make us believe that low body fat, muscular physique and leading a lavish lifestyle is attractive, causing our obvious inclination towards consuming fitness, beauty and food products.
We were never designed to be like this, but we are constantly conditioned subconsciously to become one, who knows if this is also part of our evolution or extinction. By the way, the idea of consumerism is not new, in fact after the industrial revolution which brought assembly lines, factories and surplus supplies of food, finished products, and a very limited consumption. So we were strategically conditioned to believe in things like we need 3 proper meals a day to lead a healthy life to increase consumption, whereas the truth is humans have not evolved to eat 3 times a day or have 16 inches of arm muscle and we can survive easily on a single meal a day. Don’t believe me do a fact check, you’ll understand.

Personally, I will not feel good about myself if a girl thinks I’m not fair or muscular enough or do not possess any other feature which she finds attractive, even though it seems unfair and wrong up to some extent, but I can’t blame her 🙂 because this is how we are designed, right? finding better genetics to pass to our future generation at a subconscious level. Similarly, I may find a girl beautiful over another, and technically I may look judgemental about her looks and it may not look good from a perspective of a third person; But, the question is who is not? at a conscious or unconscious level, every human makes those choices and we are evolved at various physical, verbal and psychological fronts adding more parameters and criteria’s as a box to tick when making those choices, like – smartness, confidence, speech, or intelligence etc.

Conclusion: No matter how much we are conditioned not to judge the book by its cover, we will end up judging and making perceptions, but that doesn’t mean you body shame people and make them feel any lesser of them. Instead, you should be more supportive and sensitive to people who don’t feel good about themselves, because I have not met a single person till date who doesn’t want to look great, and honestly they were not given a choice to look in a certain way when they were born and since we can’t evade judging them, so all we can be is bit more sensitive because the spectrum of good and bad is immense, and it would be small of you to think you fall more towards the good side.

Thanks for reading my random mumblings, signing off…









Perfectly, Permanently, Inevitably Imperfect.

I’m over critical from an early age to this point of my life, you can say I have this special ability to see too many flaws in myself, no wonder why I had lacked in confidence and was living in my head making scenarios where I lost most of the time. It’s not like, I’m 100% confident now; I’m nowhere close but (a Big BUT) I change, I grow slowly and steadily in small tiny bits every day.

I’m living and breathing with a lot of flaws that are noticeable and many which are not. No matter how much I work on them, some will be always there and I’ll pick some while I grow older – I’m sure! I’m imperfect and inevitably flawed. It’s not like I don’t want to change this but I know I can’t overcome each and every of them at once. I’ve made big, stupid mistakes most of them unintentionally.

Do I regret? yes of course. I do acknowledge my fault with the courage to accept them, in spite of blaming some one else for my mistakes, I take the ownership of everything that happens to me. Meanwhile, I also know that I will make more mistakes and learn from them and make new ones and will keep repeating some.

I had anger issues in school and used to end up in fights and brawls, but what it looked liked anger and a disruptive kid at a superficial level, it was actually underlying helplessness and frustration to comprehend and act as expected; filled with complex emotions too much for a un-guided child to handle. Thankfully to my many teachers who saw only flaws in me, I chose to become my own mentor.

After one such fight at school, I was unofficially invited to a session by the Psychologist and the teacher of Psychology at the school. And after listening to my issues and problems for 1 straight hour he asked

Teacher – Do you know who is angry?
Me – No sir.
Teacher – Who is incapable of handling a situation.

I remember very accurately he did not say much after that and there was silence in the room, I was absorbing what he just said looking into his eyes; with tears in mine and in acceptance of what I just realized, I was 17 then; I did not cry though. Watery eyes were due to a sharp blow to my ego which made me realize that – I’m not angry because of people and situations around me, but I’m angry 100% because of I’m not equipped with tools and weapons to deal with them.

A conversation I remember till date word-by-word. Thank you, Girjesh sir! I’m grateful you asked me to come to that 1-O-1 session, which changed the course of my life from an angry frustrated child to something better, you don’t know how much I owe you to whatever I am and will become in my life.

I stammer a lot when I’m nervous and was never a good speaker, but I have grown a lot with time, the transition is very raising steep and I’m sure I’ll keep up the pace. I remember in the 1st year of graduation we had a communication skills class and we were supposed to present on a self-chosen topic. Everyone including myself prepared for 30 minutes but when it was time to present I intentionally changed my topic of presentation and chose a new one while I was walking to the front of the class to present. I sucked, stammered and was horrible without any preparedness, but when it ended, I got to realize that – Failures are often not that bad after all, it does not matter if few people laugh at you as group on your poorly formed sentences and grammatically incorrect English, it okay and you can live with that, it’s OK to be wrong and to look stupid at times, IT’S OK!

Just thrive to be better people version of you the next time, that is enough. People find it easy to laugh and mock you in herds and in their comfortable chairs from the back of the class, but don’t let them stop you from evolving.

One of my good friend and my project partner at the University, who also shares the same first name with me was obviously better on confidence if you compare to me, but we both knew our flaws in spoken English and level of confidence in public speaking and acknowledged it with action. I remember we used to practice Job interviews relentlessly many nights to overcome stammering before the placement drives at the University. If you stammer you’ve to repeat from the beginning that was the only rule, it makes me smile to recall this memory 🙂 and appreciate him for mirroring my weaknesses so that we could open to each other.

I’m (Over) conscious of my looks and physical appearance since a very early age from what I remember; Thanks to my school friends and my loved and closed ones at that age who made sure I felt that way. In last couple years of school, I had long hairs, everyone from my teachers to principal of the school to my family nobody liked it, more they criticised, more I resisted to cut them short; Sometimes, I think that was the only thing in my control in that adolescent age and soon it developed in a self-destructive ego big enough, to do things opposite of what was told and expected from you.
Lot of love to my mother who always supported me in spite all odds, she used to say I find your hairstyle cool, do whatever you want. Finally, I cut them very short in my graduation days and let that ego crumble like a deck of cards. I felt very good like I was free of something I was holding quite long.

I’m sensitive to good and bad and incline on the emotional state of mind, though I don’t look like one I think, unarguably it is very core part of my identity and has affected me in a good and a bad way as an individual. Emotions are the driving factor for what many see as hard work and relentlessness on the surface in me. It drives me even in dark days.

I remember I was in 8th standard and as a family we were doing fine, but there were some economic challenges that every middle-class family goes through every now and then and I was very much into buying new clothes for school annual fair, you know the mindset of a 14-year-old to not feel inferior in a cheap lookig t-shirt in his class and probable chance to impress few girls 😉 . My mother was very sensitive to how insecure, and self-conscious I was, so in spite of money being scarce and my father who was unaware of this, she took me to a decent shop to buy me a T-Shirt from money she saved. After some searching and trying few T-shirts and an already irritated store owner, we finalized a parrot green t-shirt, which looked nice on me, but it was some hundred bucks above our budget. So my mother tried to negotiate with the shop owner, but the Shop owner in a very disrespecting and unexpected tone asked my mother to leave the store if she doesn’t have enough money to buy and as we were wasting his time. We didn’t have much to say at that moment so we quietly left the place.

As kid 14-year-old, I kind of vowed that one day I’ll buy this shop and teach this owner a lesson, but today I know that is very kiddish to even think and I’m and was very emotional about that point in my life. Though I don’t have any grudge against that shop owner. But, yes I do have a grudge against the hit to the self-esteem of a mother sensitive to her child’s insecurities. I knew this won’t happen again in my life and recalling that memory still fuels passion, drive, and a gush of positive-negative emotions in me to this date, which has helped me overcome many bad situations and roadblocks in life and who knows if one day I’ll really buy that shop :). Even today my mother and I recall this incident and smile at the “Insecurities” then and how it fuels and strengthens us as a family now.

More sensitive and emotional I am in nature the lesser inexpressive in words and a very bad communicator of my feelings. On a subconscious level, I lift my shield so high so that I can protect myself from wrong that will happen to me if I share what I feel. At an adolescent age to avoid being a subject of mockery and now to not disrupt the self-inflicted and social definition of manhood and acceptance. Which still needs to be changed in me. I am and will be work in progress always 🙂

On a funny note – One of biggest flaws is I’m always late, never on time. One of my best friends used to miss half of the first lecture in my colleges days because of me as I used to get up 5-10 mins before the class starts. Thanks to him and his patience that at least I made to the campus every day ( I mean most of the days 🙂 ). A habit which still is true as I keep my office cab waiting every morning. Not good!

I’m Never very fond of sleeping, I remember at age of 12, I used to stay up all night drawing and making models for the social science exhibition and Wall magazines, so involved and filled with excitement, that I used to vividly imagine the Indus valley civilization’s city planning and architecture from the text of my social studies book and draw them on a chart and fill it with colors; Brushing, sketching all night. But the excitement and day dreaming still stands true, no doubt why I have dark circles and sleep at 4 in the morning, even it’s almost 4 in the morning when I’m writing this.

I am scared of a lot of things from Stage fright to asking a girl to go out with me, I think most of us are but, I’m more scared of knowing the fact I have fears, it’s a state of cognitive dissonance that – I’ve fears but, I can’t fear. I learned early enough that it is not going to take me far if I won’t overcome them. So I started running towards my fears instead of going away from it,  a conscious decision to break the pattern, eventually, within first few months on the college campus I joined a dance group, I sucked at dancing. I knew that and I was afraid to death of being on stage, it was like killing me to be part of the group with my pathetic uncoordinated moves and was embarrassed to infinity, but slowly things changed. I found similar minded people fighting their own battles and equally embarrassed, and we managed to put a good show after unimaginable hours of practice and undying faith and against our expectations, we won 1st prize in our college and won many competitions across the city in other events competing against some very good dance groups. Now I love being on stage, the feeling is great and bigger than life and enjoys looking in eyes of people and make a point.

The danger is real and Fear is not

and there is definitely a difference in them, come out of your head where fear exists and do something about it.

I was scared of writing and having an opinion in public, I thought people will make fun of me, but I did not need to be Einstien to realized that I was made the center of mockery already and what worse could happen. So one fine day after a late night party to come out of a break-up I started my technology blog and wrote my first blog post. I think that is one of the best decision I made in my professional life and career and turned out to be a very integral part of me and has given me endless opportunities and is read in 100’s of countries across the world, landed me an opportunity to write a book and appreciation all across the globe. History repeated, I wanted to start a personal blog now, wrote few initial posts and I received comments like “it is not good enough”, “You don’t have that thing”, but by this time I already knew nothing is good enough when you start, it takes days, months, years to be good at something and to converts your thoughts into black and white and I continued writing in spite of craving acceptance and will keep on refining the content I write.

Everyone has a lot of physical or psychological flaws and this is how humans are made, but we are evolved with a guiding mechanism which can pull us out of these flaws. Everyone is fighting their own unsaid battles in life and most of them are losing, I’m not asking you to pick them up, I’m just asking to be sensitive towards their feelings and turmoil breeding in their hearts. Just try to understand them they will eventually find some ground and come out of it, everyone is capable of that. If a person with so low self-esteem and under confidence like me can make it across, then anyone can do this but they need some help, in form of friend, sibling, parent, teacher or spouse, they need you. Make sure you are there when they say they need your help and when they don’t say.

Just try to understand them they will eventually find some ground and come out of it, everyone is capable of that. If a person with so low self-esteem and under confidence like me can make it across, then anyone can do this but they need some help, in form of friend, sibling, parent, teacher or spouse, they need you. Make sure you are there when they say they need your help and when they don’t say.

Make sure you are there when they ask for your help,
and especially when they don’t.

I know some people enjoy reading and watching someone’s weak and vulnerable side to feed their Pseudo Self-Esteems, but they will never realize the courage it takes to accept your weaknesses and flaws which you have tried to hide 20+ years of your small life and especially on a public platform. It very easy to pretend happiness on social media and carefully curate beautiful life on Facebook and Instagram; Smile behind the filtered profile pictures but without any doubt, it is super difficult to open up about your weaknesses and flaws.

Thankfully I don’t crave an external validation on my strengths and especially my deep flaws and I’m content with my current state of mind which is imperfectly flawed 🙂 and I will relentlessly pursue personal, psychological growth; to be a better person every day in spite of what others think.

Signing off…

Lots of love! from a deeply flawed human..


Simple Observations: The GateKeeper

I see him standing at the side of about 6 feet wide glass entrance, not moving much but, shifting his body weight from one leg to another, followed by occasional shoe taps on the floor.

The noise of air curtain when he opens the door for an approaching person is more noteworthy than his presence in this busy cafe.

Leans back to rest on the wall with cross-arms and observes the people seated inside for a good minute, then starts walking to the other end of the door. Eyes fixed on the floor, hand holding the wrist of the other hand behind his back and dragging his legs without lifting them much.

Stops; turns back; looks through the glass door…

Takes off his cap and gently moves his fingers from the forehead into his hair, brushing all way to the back of his head.

Still looking outside. Yawns.

Opens the door; this time for himself, walks out and sits on the porch.


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