NanoTale : Overlooked Insecurities


She packed her bag after everyone left the class, then slowly moved towards the busiest section on the campus. Consciously adjusting her clothes and fixing her hairs; None of the passers-by exchanged a “Hi” or waved to her, like she was invisible to them. Sinking further into her insecurities and taking small, steady steps she made herself to the place.

Everyone around her was Happy! They smiled, exchanged laughs with friends and shared their lunch. But being uninvited, she found a quiet corner to sit and somehow managed to separate her world from the flashy one, that danced in front of her eyes.

Lost amidst a crowd of known-unknown faces and their ignorance, she pulls out the lunch box from the satchel bag, to grab the sandwiches mother packed for her, but exactly then *Trinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg Trinnnggg Trinngggg!!*
The college bell rang and the recess was over!