Book of life

Isn’t our Life is like a well-read book….. ?

…..with each turning page, one side of book gets thicker and heavy with memories from Good-Ugly chapters; some engaging and thought stimulating pages that were read more than once; and few which were meant to be skipped……

……while, on the other side… a leaner stack of unturned pages still holding unexplored avenues, unresolved mysteries and unwrapped bundle of wonderful possibilities.


Place inside me where Nothing is Impossible

Nobody understands, when I tell them my dreams; the sacrifices and efforts I make, to pursue them. I understand that, it’s very difficult for them to perceive, weighing it with their perspectives, comparing it with their lives, and concluding based on their experiences; decisions that led them to successes or failures in their past.

In most cases, either they give me satirical smiles, doubt my abilities or tell me it’s impossible. Because they and their friends couldn’t figure it out. But, this reaction, often, seeds my sensitive mind with self-doubts and somewhat discourages me. And I know that is exactly the thing I’m not supposed to be doing.

The only way out is clearing and cutting off any said (and unsaid) opinions of these people which make me miserable, and to quiet my mind and let something from deep inside me speak to myself. What “I” believe and think of myself.

Deep inside me, a place where I don’t have to protect myself from the opinion of the outer world, where I’m aware of my abilities which I can harness and weaknesses I can overcome, where I can dream anything, be anything without getting limited by possible defeats. Where there are some moments when I feel invincible and stronger like never before. Because In that place, deep inside me I know nothing is impossible!

Souls tends to go back to,
Who feel like home.

~ N R Hart

A place where superficial me, stands face to face with myself, coming from deep inside. And, we always have a meaningful conversation. My inner self: who is courageous enough to dream big, who has bold glaring eyes and an unwavering focus; who finds every reason in the world to keep me motivated; who make me smile right at the face of adversities and convinces me that nothing can stop you! The one who believes, that no harm could come following your heart and trusting your instincts.

The place where nothing is impossible and I can be anything, and achieve anything, whatever I want in this world. Anything!

Signing off… Superficial me…