Landscape of Awareness

Be aware of your surroundings and give attention to detail to master the path to self-awareness.

Book of life

Isn’t our Life is like a well-read book….. ?

…..with each turning page, one side of book gets thicker and heavy with memories from Good-Ugly chapters; some engaging and thought stimulating pages that were read more than once; and few which were meant to be skipped……

……while, on the other side… a leaner stack of unturned pages still holding unexplored avenues, unresolved mysteries and unwrapped bundle of wonderful possibilities.

When lights are off

Minutes before sleeping when nobody is watching, judging or making an opinion about you. When you’re no more pretending and behaving in a certain way to fit in a category. When you are with you. Just with you!

In that quiet moment, when that internal monologue starts in your head… What person are you?

Are you a lost helpless man who has not figured out his life yet?
Are you a heartbroken lover from a past relationship?
Or, Does it feel like an invincible and indestructible warrior in you?

Wait for a minute here. Try to remember that moment, it is telling you something.
How does it feel? Good. Bad. Ugly. Scary?

Since the morning alarm to rushing to work, and from Facebook notifications to evening TV shows, the only quite time we get to reflect upon us is when the lights are off and you are in a semi-conscious state just before sleeping.

Unconscious and unable enough to escape from fears you keep running away and,
Conscious enough to feel the reality of the moment.

In that moment, try to listen to this internal monologue happening inside your head;  It tells you a lot about your personality and how you are actually feeling under your skin.

Trust me, if you’re not the same person what you showcase to the world; and If you feel different in this silence and darkness, unlike the daytime; then you are actually living a life of self-implicated lie! or something is definitely wrong with you or your thinking pattern, which at least requires being acknowledged.

So… Leaving you with this question.

What person are you? when lights are turned off and you are about to sleep.